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300 Rise of an Empire 2013 Eng [DVDRip].AC3 Torrent Download

300 (2006)

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300 torrent

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Year: 2006
Genre: Action, Fantasy, History
Director: Zack Snyder
Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Dominic West

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King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC
This movie is not for everyone. This is to say about a lot of movies in general, of course, but this particular one brings a major point of contention among critics, we do not want to see in our films? What is more important to portray a scene dummy for the sake of giving people an overwhelming experience visually or for fun and surprise them with clever twists and clever dialogues? First let's examine what exactly this movie is made. Basically, it's all just a scene from After The epic fight another. Most notable is the camera work and visual effects. Each hit it looks like it was designed to be a work of art. The colors, characters, costumes, the funds ... every little detail has gained much attention. In the big matches, you will also notice the same, the exclusive edition. There are a lot of inertia for the duration of the battles that shows exactly what happens. Fatal wounds that slowly leak blood spatter in the air, decapitated heads traveling in slow motion across the screen ... everything is there. The history of the other, are not very complicated, in the sense that the film is likely to be described in one or two sentences. The dialogues are simple and most of the time to talk about moral values ​​of freedom and honor. If you look at the script, it would probably be like another movie that has something more to offer then idealistic visions of how life should be.Reviewers this title seems to be divided into two groups. They either love it passionately call it an epic of the 21st century, or hate him even more and throw it away like a piece of garbage consists of ACA the senseless and silly cliché? sentences. I feel reluctant to take a position in this argument. Normally its tolerable to weigh both sides of the issue to result in a fair judgment on a movie. Not this. On the one hand, the visuals are certainly among the best to be witnessed in a movie. Every detail, every plan, every special effect set for the scenes are so mindblowingly amazing. On the other hand, the plot and dialogue are the simplest type and downright stupid. I fight for freedom! I would rather die in honor then live in shame! Does this sound familiar? Of course it can be argued that this film was never meant in the first place to have a unique history that makes your head spin. But from an objective point of view that it is still lacking in this department, so it should be noted.Now okay and everything, but it all makes the film? Worth seeing or not? I think it is. For me outweighs the good bad by miles. From the second the movie started he grabbed me and would not let go. Every fight, every scene in the movie had me on the edge of my seat. Everything from the acting to the strong visual for the wonderful war cries of the soldiers was so impressive ... It was truly a wonderful experience.I not a single moment I felt the film had nothing. But I could imagine why other people did.So Heres deal.If you easily impressed with beautiful scenery, wonderful camera work and acting ediçãoe powerful then go see it. Right. Profile. You will be missing out if you do not. There is so much to see, so much energy in this comic translated to the big screen ... It'll let you in awe.However you're looking for a good story, clever twists, some innovate in the world of movies, then skip this. 300 does not contain any of it, nor want to give you this. I enjoyed this movie a lot, but I know there will be people who will go to waste, and it is understandable. Just do not forget to make up your mind about what you want to see when you Choiceyesterdaytomorrow theater alone, instead of being dragged along bias by tons of reviews on this site has to offer.

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